Error on Update to 4.1 (5.8 KB)
Hi Alexander,

thanks for your helpful reply.

just a new problem: Today I updated to KNIME 4.1. but now I get an error massage which refers to log file as per attached and the program does not run at all.

is there any way to restore KNIME?


Hi @jalilsh -

I split your question into a new topic to keep things tidy.

When you say “the program does not run at all”, do you mean KNIME itself, or an embedded Python program, or a specific workflow, or…?

A simple thing you can try is adding the -clean option to your knime.ini file, and restarting KNIME. (Be sure to remove it afterward as it makes the startup time longer.)

Hi @ScottF,

I tried your suggestion and added “-clean” to the end of knime.ini. After running KNIME and after the splash screen, again the attached error is shown as before. I also tried adding “-clean” line to beginning of knime.ini, but no success.


I have also attached the log file. (10.6 KB)

So, in summary, after updating to version 4.1 and restarting through <File\Restart KNIME> command, the program itself does not run and i have no access to my workflows and projects.

waiting for your comments


I asked internally, and it sounds like there might have been a problem during the upgrade where the knime-core jar file was somehow corrupted.

Are you able to install a fresh version of 4.1 from scratch? Sorry for the trouble.

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thanks @ScottF ,

yes I can re-install KNIME. Do I need to un-install the previous version first?

You shouldn’t need to. If you like, you can just install in separate directories. But in this case you may want to anyway if the other installation does turn out to be corrupted and unusable.

great. thanks a lot.

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