error processing cvs and txt files

Dear community,

I try to change my data import from xlsx to csv or txt since I don’t need to save the files twice.
However, when I upload the files in original format (csv or txt) the processing in KNIME does not work properly and when I export the data into excel it shows a strange result:

In KNIME the data look fine:

also if I want to change string to number it does not work:

if I use column rename and select columns it also shows strange behavior:

Anybody had the same error and found a solution?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi christian_kopp,
I assume that this is because of the encoding of the text file. In the “Encoding” tab of File Reader or CSV Reader you can specify which encoding the file has, i.e. how the bytes in the file are translated to characters. I would recommend trying our different options there or finding out first with which encoding the csv/txt file was saved and then setting the right encoding there.

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Hi Alexander,

awesome, problem solved!

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