Error running Example Workflow: Stocks

Hi! I am trying to run the 01_Stocks demo workflow, and I consistently get “NullPointerException” errors. This was after resetting KNIME with -clean parameter from the command line.


Hi @peleitor -

I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem here (although I only ran the first 5 stocks or so to take a quick look).

One thing to check - did you download the complete workflow group 58_Stock-Modeling from the EXAMPLES server? If not, that might be why your Call Local Workflow node is failing, since this parent workflow invokes a child workflow.

If originally you got the single 01_Stocks workflow from the Hub, the complete group is available here:

Does that help?


Hi! Thanks for your reply. I answered by email but I see it did not get posted here.

Actually, I´ve already dowloaded both workflows from Example Server, and at that point it was not working.

I downloaded again, this time from Hub, and it is working. I can´t explain why…


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