Error: The selected node could not be created void


I am trying to get the metanode I created in a different workflow in Knime with the share method in another workflow, but I encounter such an error.


Full name of error = The selected node could not be created: ‘void org.knime.core.util.pathresolve.URIToFileResolveSKNIMEURIDescription.( ng.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String)’

Thank you.

Hello KnimerEnes,
Could you please explain the steps you’ve taken to encounter this error. Did you just copy-paste the metanode in a new workflow and face with error?

Hello baharangh68,

I want to use the component I created in multiple workflows using the “share” feature in the components. The reason I want to do this is that when I make any changes, it works everywhere thanks to the “share” feature, but I get the error in the message above. In short, all I want is to share a component and use it in different workflows.

Thank you very much.

I suggest to read this document about different types of sharing components sharing-components
and also use a shared component as well on this link Use a shared component.
I hope this will help you to proceed your work.

I had read these documents before, but they were not helpful. After doing as described I get this error.

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