Error up loading file in decimal places


I'm using the KNIME I have a simple txt file with some numbers with many decimal places 1e-6. When I up loaded the file with the File Reader node it recogniced this number as "0". I looked in the configuration of the node to see if there was a limiting factor, but I didn't find anything. I selected "." as the decimal separator.

I can't continue with my work flow with this limitation. Any suggestion?



Are the columns being interpreted as Double (D) type?  If so, then I expect that the numbers are reading in as you want, but that the column content is not rendering in full precision.

If this is the case, then subsequent operations on the contents will work exactly as you would expect - if you want to double-check the column content, try right-clicking the header and choose Available Renderers->Full Precision.


Hope this helps, but if not - apologies in advance for misunderstanding the problem!

Kind regards