Error when opening a workflow Pt. II

Hi everybody I was working in a workflow, but unfortunately can open it, the problem is the same as the forum topic: “Error when opening a workflow”


I wonder if there is a way to send it to someone by mail (prefer not to upload) to check it and see if it can be recovered.

Thank you

I have the same problem that appeared this morning Unable to parse xml: line=2: Content is not allowed in prolog.
dtd: URI=null

It suddenly appeared
Thank You

Hi everybody I forgot to mention that my Knime version is 3.6 with Windows 10.

Please any help will be appreciated


Hi @mauuuuu5 -

Sorry for the delayed response. Please email your workflow to me at, along with your knime.log, and I will pass it on internally. Can your verify that workflow.knime is corrupted and not properly formatted XML, as it should be?

As described in the previous thread, this has been a difficult one for us to reproduce, so any information you have would be helpful. Thanks!

(Prior thread linked below for future reference)

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I am getting a similar message for a workflow, while using Knime 3.7.1 and Windows 10. The file workflow.knime, when opened in Notepad++, is full of NUL characters - which I guess is binary garbage, as noted previously.

The circumstances in which this corruption happened, was that this fairly simple workflow was open (the only one open), in the background, while I worked on some Excel files in the foreground. I think I had saved the Knime workflow, in the previous few minutes, but I could be wrong.

The Knime instance was set to take 8 GB of RAM, on a 16 GB RAM computer, which maybe did not help, regarding what happened next.

Which was that, with the 5 Excel files that I had open, plus 1 or 2 other programmes (MySQL Workbench, and probably a browser), the computer locked up, while trying to carry out an Excel task (saving a large file to our Azure server in the cloud, on a relatively slow connection).

In order to try to recover, I closed down all programmes apart from Excel, to give it more room. This did not help, so I looked in Task Manager, and saw that Knime was still visible as a process taking up memory, even tho I had closed it. So I killed it via Task Manager. Excel did not recover, so eventually (after Task Manager stopped responding) I had to just turn the machine off.

After restarting I opened Knime and the workflow was now showing the message: Unable to parse xml: line=1: Content is not allowed in prolog.
dtd: URI=null

Regarding XML, it might be notable that I had MySQL Workbench open during the crash (and subsequently had lost all the remote connections that I had defined, tho not the localhost one), and that my Excel (that seemed to cause the crash) had an add-on for MySQL, that gave an error message regarding XML after the crash.

So I suspect some kind of general XML corruption might be associated with the crash… but not sure.

The above is just for info, in case useful (I’m resigned to just re-creating the corrupted Knime workflow). I have reduced Knime’s memory footprint to 5 GB for the time being though.

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Hi @Mick -

Thanks for the details about your crash and corrupted workflow. We have a ticket for this issue in our system, and since it’s been a bit difficult to replicate, your input is much appreciated.

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Please make sure you are running 3.7.2 and not 3.7.1 - there were issues on Windows in 3.7.1 which could lead to KNIME freezing. (Also, probably better to download 3.7.2 from instead of upgrading your 3.7.1 if you can help it.)

In my case I latter released that maybe was a I/O hardware problem as I saved my workspace in a external hard drive and when switching between computers some of my Office files were corrupted and hence not properly saved.