Error when starting distributed executor.

Hi All,

I am trying to run an onprem executor for our AWS hosted KNIME Server. When I try to start the executor on the local machine, it fails with a slightly cryptic error message listed below. This error only occurs when I try to set the distributed executor options. The same options work fine on another executor on the same aws vpc as the knime server.

knime -nosplash -consolelog -application com.knime.enterprise.slave.KNIME_REMOTE_APPLICATION

Error: Could not find or load main class http:…
Dumping CPU usage in old prof format … done.
Knime: Cannot open display:
JVM terminated. Exit code=1

Hi Aaron,
Could you share your knime.ini file and the versions of server and executor you are using?
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Hi Alexander,

The executor version is 4.3.2, the prebuilt linux build from the knimecom-product-downloads page. This is the same build we are using on our working executor.

Commenting out the lines in bold allow the executor to start.


Also, just FYI I can wget the zip file from the profileLocation from the machine without issue

Hi Aaron,
The bold lines need to go before the -vmargs line, then it should work as expected.
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That was it! Thanks for the quick help!