Error when startup

Hi, I have the following error message when launching KNIME. Seemed to be something wrong with the workspace?

What does the log file say?

startuperror.log (15.5 KB)
Above is the log file.

There do seem to be some odd Eclipse errors going on here (Eclipse being the platform on which KNIME is written.)

Back-fill questions:

  • What version of KNIME?
  • Was this a fresh install or an upgrade from a previous version of KNIME?
  • If an upgrade, from what version?
  • Is this error newly occurring on a previously working KNIME or did this happen from the first time you tried to launch KNIME?

Things to try:

  • Rename the knime-workspace directory in your home directory then launch KNIME. If it launches, import the workflows from your old workspace.
  • Download a fresh installer of KNIME from

Thanks for that. I have advised the student to re-install.

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