Error while creating node dialog for 'Input Files' : null

Can someone point me to where I should start for troubleshooting this error? I’ve been getting this in KNIME 3.6 for Windows for a while now. If I double click on the node ‘Input Files’ to configure it, that error comes up on the console but no window ever comes up allowing me to configure the node. I have a workflow that uses ‘Input Files’ and it works correctly even though I cannot configure this node (in other words it runs with the files that had been specified before this error started happening). I have tried to make a new workflow - both by coping the ‘Input Files’ node from the other workflow into it as well as by adding a new ‘Input Files’ node to said workflow with no relation to the old workflow - and either way I end up with this error.

3.6.0 Build July 11, 2018. Windows server 12, 64bit.

thank you


is this the node you are talking about?*ps6AFCNTGTsyPAV2

Cheers, Iris