Error while execute Nodes to refresh queries

Dear All,

I am trying to refresh some queries by using a table creator node in which I am putting all the information related to the query I want to refresh but I am always receiving an error as per attached.

Someone may help me understand how to fix it and why I have this error?

Thank you in advance.

Hello @Dany87moon,

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From recently REST nodes include Error Handling tab so maybe you don’t need Try/Catch sequence around them? Regarding your error I think we need more info about workflow. For example screenshot with couple of sentences about how your request(s) looks like, how you build them and why, does it always finishes with above error…


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Hi Ivan,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

What I am trying todo is to refresh some queries which are connected directly to H2R.
As an example you can see the parameters and the technical name of one query in the screenshot attached.

I am using a workflow they gave me in which the first node is to create a ticket to the system in order to get access to the data. And the two other nodes extract the data.


I don’t know if there are other easy ways to refresh those queries.

Just for your information, those queries are refreshed using Analysis for Office in Excel. We set up the prompt, all the correct parameters and we refresh it.

Thank you in advance for your help

Hello @Dany87moon,

ok. So you inherited someone’s work(flow) which is not working and you have to fix it while having limited KNIME knowledge (this is assumption cause this is your first forum topic/reply). I don’t envy you :slight_smile:

Regarding your issue. I’m still a bit confused what exactly is the idea of the workflow and not familiar with H2R or Analysis for Office in Excel. However if you share the inside of a Component(s) maybe I (or someone else) will have an idea where to start :wink: And can you say what does workflow do on a high level? Maybe extracts data from somewhere (H2R?) and then creates report from it while input for querying data is given in Table Creator node?


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