Error while inserting data into SQL Server 2008 Database Table with identity insert enabled


  I am getting an error when I am trying to insert data using the Database Writer node into SQL Server 2008 Database Table having identity insert enabled, and data is not getting inserted into the table. 

  Is there a way to insert the data having identity insert enabled for SQL SERVER 2008 Database

Currently not, I will add your request o our tracking system. Cheers.

Thanks Gabriel for your prompt response. What I am trying to acheive is to write a bunch of data that i am getting in the form an Excel file into a SQL SERVER 2008 database table and create an unique ID for each row inserted. For now I want the ID to be a sequentially increasing numeric key. For the first load operation I can generate these IDs using knime, but when I have to append some data to this table I will have to generate the ID starting from the last value of the ID I had before the append

   Can you please tell me how this requirement can be achieved using knime

I would recommend using the Dataase Reader to get the COUNT(*), basically the number of rows from the table in the database. This int-number can be converted into a flow variable, TableRow to Variable. This variable can now be used to enumerate your data, ID column for example in the Java Snippet or within a Chunk Loop (chunk size = 1). Hope this helps?