Error while loading data into python

Hi, I recently migrated from python 3.6 to 3.8 and my python script nodes start to fail with the error message:

ERROR Python Script 12:168:0:23 Execute failed: ‘tolerances’

when I open script editor it shows “Error while loading data into python” message and fail to execute any line of script with ‘tolerances’ message within execution console.

Please help! It all works before.

Hi @lptolik

As far as I understand KNIME requires a specific version of Python, being 3.6. For that reason they use Conda to make a specific Python environment with a specific minimum set of packages with the correct versions, so all the default nodes for Python will work properly.
If you look at the KNIME Python Integration Guide you see how to achieve this.

And if you want to use something specific of Python 3.8 within KNIME I wouldn’t know whether that is already possible.

Thank you, I thought that 3.6 is quite obsolete.

maybe a KNIME team member can comment on that :slight_smile: