ERROR with JFreeChart nodes - workflows are destroyed

Dear KNIMEler,

I observed a very nasty bug in the current KNIME version 4.1.2. When loading a workflow with any JFreeChart node in I get an error at loading: “Errors during load - Reason: testWF 3 loaded with errors” and all JFreeChart nodes are gone!

However, the bug is very simply to reproduce:

  1. Create a new WF
  2. Drag one JFreeChart node into the WF
  3. Save the WF
  4. Load the WF
    … as a result, you see the error message and an empty WF!

The nasty thing is, that this bug is destroying every WF having some JFreeChart-nodes and using the JS nodes causes problems due to very strict security constraints (blocking build in Chrome).

Hope you can provide a fix soon!


Hello Erich,
I just tried it on my Laptop with macOS and could not observe the described behaviour. I am also using KNIME 4.1.2. Could you check something for me? When you open the workflow folder in your file system browser (Windows Explorer, Finder, Terminal, …) you find a directory for each node. In such a directory, there is a settings.xml file. Could you upload the settings.xml file for a JFreeChart node in such a broken workflow here? I am most interested in this part:

<entry key="factory" type="xstring" value="org.knime.ext.jfc.node.barchart.JfcBarChartNodeFactory"/>
<entry key="node-name" type="xstring" value="Bar Chart (JFreeChart)"/>
<entry key="node-bundle-name" type="xstring" value="KNIME JFreeChart nodes"/>
<entry key="node-bundle-symbolic-name" type="xstring" value="org.knime.ext.jfreechart"/>
<entry key="node-bundle-vendor" type="xstring" value="KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland"/>
<entry key="node-bundle-version" type="xstring" value="4.1.0.v201911110939"/>

It tells KNIME where to load the node from and which version it is.
Kind regards

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