Error writing date to Oracle

I have a project that reads data from a text file, filters the rows and then writes that data to an Oracle database (Oracle 10g ver10. on Windows 64-bit)

The text file I am testing with is a direct export of the first 500 rows of data from the table I am trying to write/append to.

The Database Writer node has the SQL types tab configured to date for the start_date column but I get this error.

ERROR Database Writer Execute failed: Column “start_date” of type “StringCell” from input does not match type “DATE” in database at position 15

Thanks in advance for any help.

In order to write date/time data into a database, those field must be understand by KNIME as date/time columns. For this use the String to Date/Time node which allows translating string fields holding data/time information into its corresponding data/time format which then can be written/appended to a database.
Best, Thomas

Thanks Thomas.

Didn’t realize there was a String to Date node. I had only found the conversion nodes under the column manipulation section.

I’m new to Knime and I love it. The biotech company I work for used to have Pipeline Pilot but couldn’t afford it anymore. Learned of Knime from some one at another company and downloaded it right away. So useful!