Errors in function Strip at String manipulation node

Hi Knimers, I came across with an interesting issue with Strip function at String manipulation node, it seem don't work with a strange type of chars.

If you get the lenght of chars using (string manipulator) it reports the presence of chars (white spaces), but using the function strip(remove_dupliucates($column$)) dont have effect. However, if you use the java snippet's Trim() function, it deletes all the characters, reporting 0 chars. 

There is an error with strip() function or the trim() fuction is more complete?

Hi ajason08,

for me this seems to be a misbeahviour of the trim() function. The strange chars you extract cannot be displayed by KNIME, but if you write your table to a e.g. csv file (use CSV Writer) and open it, you can see that the strange chars you extract actually are no white spaces and therefore should not be removed by the trim() funtion. That is also the reason why the String Manipulation node does not remove them.



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