Errors with Python integration

Hello everybody!

Im facing an issue with a python integration. My Knime was updated and i need to install again the 4.1 version to have compatibility with the server.
I created another folder in the C disk and now when I try tu run a python node it appears this error:
ERROR ConfigurationAreaChecker Can’t check integrity of configuration area (“C:\Program Files\KNIME 4\KNIME\configuration”): El proceso no tiene acceso al archivo porque otro proceso tiene bloqueada una parte del archivo
ERROR Python Source 3:2 Execute failed: Could not start Python kernel. Error during Python installation test: Python installation could not be determined.Could not find conda environment:
You can list all discoverable environments with conda info --envs.

Can someone help me? Thanks!

Do you have Python installed on your computer?

Yes, actually I have the environment and anaconda installed. I don’t know if is because I re-installed it and created another folder.

Are you using Conda? If so, have you told KNIME where it’s installed?

Yes, I believe that’s the problem… do you know where I can werifiy if KNIME knows there conda it’s installed?

Instructions are provided in the KNIME documentation:


Thanks! Elsamuel I already fixed my problem.

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