ESRI Coordinate Row Filter Workflow

Hi Creedsmith,

have a look at this:

Seems to work (to be honest, I’ve checked only a couple of rows):

The final output contains both rows with houses inside a geofence and houses not belonging to anything.
I have not used views/visuals nor followed the article you’ve sent me yet.

Hope it’s ok for you, let me know :slight_smile:

@lelloba thank you; I will play with this for awhile.

Along with the other article linked prior, you may wish to also look at this, if you have not already done so read-multiple-shp-files-in-loop — NodePit

Sometimes, it’s a matter of looking at a bunch of different concepts that helps you arrive where you really want to be.

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@lelloba I’m having a terrible time installing and getting R to work to run your Snippet Node. Are you running an Apple or Windows machine? Is this the link Rtools42 for Windows where I can install all the KNIME Console packages in red text? Thanks

So, ten hours in and I cannot get R (installed latest version of R and Rtools) to work. The R Snippet throws error notices. I’ll have to search out another method. Thanks for your help.

Hi Creedsmith,

I am using Windows. Which is the sequence of steps you have followed for installation?

Maybe this can help:

Otherwise, we need to translate the code into something else.


@creedsmith Getting R to run with KNIME can be tricky to do (took me a while the last time I did it). I may have a different approach to that problem. If all you want is the code snippet, you can get it from the settings.xml of that node:

  1. Save the imported workflow to your workspace
  2. Open your workspace in the Windows Explorer, navigate to the workflow and node.
  3. Find the snippet somewhere within the settings.xml (near the top)
  4. The text is escaped html if I remember correctly, you’ll need to un-escape it.

This doesn’t require you to have the extension installed and/or working, so it’s obviously a read only process. Since the implementation of @lelloba is not R specific, you could use any scripting node (or possibly pure-KNIME?) after translating the syntax.

@Thyme @lelloba I finally got R to function on windows and KNIME, I think. I’m now trying to understand how the results are coming out. I show 60 properties not within any polygon. I would have expected far fewer and will try mapping everything out to see what is going on.

I ended up installing the fully R-Tidyverse libraries to get things running. Thanks

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