Eureqa for KNIME

I would like to use Eureqa for KNIME - does anyone have this functional?


I had... Although I have not updated yet to the latest Eureqa API, so I guess it no longer works. Which platform would you like to use?

Cheers, gabor

Thanks for the quick reply. I have only begun to use Kime and have some familiarity with Eureqa so I am not sure what exactly you are asking. I am currently using the most up to date software for both. 


Ah, sorry for the wrong question. I was trying to ask which operating system would you like to use (the client) on? Also 64 bit, or 32 bit?

I doubt there is a working version now (I did not try it recently), but it is also possible someone else also implemented this, so I can be wrong.

I am currently running a 64 bit windows operating system. I would love to have Eureqa available but not sure whether anyone will finish what you started.