Even more complicated counting problem


as you helped me a lot to understand how to work with knime, I have a more complex problem to solve, because I have 3 values to work with it.

I have an example excel file with the source data and a sheet with need output of it.
the result sheet is not in the source file, I had just to upload 1 file with this.

I’m to understand what I need to have?
example.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Maybe the Unpivot node Unpivoting — NodePit may be worth a try.


Well, the excel files brings this example:

And you’d like to transform it on this:

So, I believe that some steps are need.

1- clear empty rows to build a correct excel/csv structure;

2- fields with missing value can be correct using missing node to delete the row without value or complete with the previous value… there are some options in this node that can be more interesting to see closely.

3- If you need to pivot the information, you can use the unpivoting node as @knimediger said before to change the position from lines to columns.

4- at the end, you can send to the original file as a append condition to another tab, a result transformation at all.

Try it and come with your flow to us…



Thank you for your time, but this doesnt helped a lot :wink:

I filtered out the columns and rows with unnecessary data, but to get the structure I need the mssing node is the wrong I think
example.knwf (16.4 KB)

unpivoting was the key! solved!


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