Event Processing

Dear Knime Community,

I am new to Knime so I hope I can get some help here ;)

I want to investigate System Log data. The data looks like:

Timestamp Source Message…

In the logs I want to search for patterns in the log especially the patterns from the errors. I also hope to find some patterns that are unknown. My problem is now that most of the Algorithms and examples are about patterns in the values but I only have the information about when and what happened.

It’s more a complex event processing problem is it possible to handle that with Knime? And if could you give me a hint how to start?



Hi Dirk,

Complex Event Processing is a pretty broad region and yes in theory you can do this with KNIME. Mainly because KNIME is very flexible. However, we don't have any predesigned algorithms for this task. 


If you don't want to make your own workflow-way, you could try finding an R Package, which is designed for CEP and resuse it in KNIME.

Best regards, Iris