Every 5 rows in a column

Hello all,

I have the following scenario of data:

a 1

a 4

a 2

a 4

a 3

b 5

b 1

b 4

b 2

b 4

I need every row of the group (a, b, etc..) in a column. So, in total 6 columns. It should look as follows:

a 1 4 2 4 3

b 5 1 4 2 4 

Any solution how to do this?

Thanks, in advance!!


Hi Ralph,

you can use the "Math Formula" node for that with "floor($$ROWINDEX$$/5)" (append column with e.g. name "group" and "convert to int [X]". Next, use the Group by node and select the "group" column for grouping. The aggregation method is e.g. list.

I hope this helps,


Alternatively you could use Group By (first column as group column, second column as aggregation column, Concatenate aggregation) followed by Cell Splitter on the concatenated column (comma delimiter, output as new columns).

That would still work if you don't always have exactly five rows for each value in the first column.

Awesome, thanks guys  :)