Example for custom visualisation

I am new to Knime and i need an example work flow for my research project.
I am trying to analyse 100+ research articles on internet security and trying to visually represent the relation between each key words discussed in one paper to other. Can any please point one or work group of example?

Hi pnattut,

You should check out the examples for Network Mining. You can find them in the Node Guide (https://www.knime.org/nodeguide) under "Other Analytics Types".



With some javascript, you could also leverage D3.js (force layout or hierarchical layouts) or Vega.js (which is also based on D3). Technically, you do not need KNIME for this task, but it can be done using the javascript node, at least for the D3 part. The advantage over the network mining node visualisations is graph interactivity. However, the major drawback is the learning curve for web technologies (svg, javascript, CSS, html).