Example Moving Average


Is there an example moving average forcasting model?

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Hi Paulio,

we do not really have a model for this. However the moving average just forecasts the last known value. This you can append to your table.

Cheers, Iris

There will probably be sometime, ARIMA (MA stands for moving average) nodes would be suitable solution. In the meantime the forecast package for R might be a good alternative.

Hi Aborg.
Do you have an example of how to perform an Arima model using R into Knime?

Thanks in advance.
Gabriel Cornejo

Hi Gabriel,

I hope the attached workflow will be useful. It does not use the forecast package, but it is highly recommended. (I omitted that because it creates warnings, which might just be distracting. Usage is similar for learning.) In that package the R Learner should use the Arima function instead of arima (only the first letter differs).

There are many parameter combinations, in case you need good results, it is very important to find the proper combination.

References were added to some of the useful documentations. (I tend to create ugly workflows, I apologize if this is one of them. I tried to keep it simple.)

Cheers, gabor

How do I import that project into Knime?

  1. Download de ZIP
  2. Extract the ZIP in a folder
  3. Right click Local Workspace
  4. Select Import Knime Workflow
  5. Select Root directory
  6. Browse to the folder
  7. Select the workflow

   And play with it