Example on how to use Upload node


I am pretty new to KNIME and have some problems to use the Upload node.
In my workflow I added a working "FTP Connection" (i.e. using "Test connection worked)  node.
After that I added a "Upload" node (IO/FileHandling/Remote/Upload).

According the doc for the update node the input ports of this node is the FTP server config info and a "table containing the list of files that should be uploaded". So I connected my FTP connection node with the corresponding input port of the upload node.
Finally I added and configured a "ListFiles" node. In the FileList I can see the files that should be uploaded to the ftp server.

Now I connected the output port of the ListFiles node with the corresponding input port of the upload node.

When I now try to CONFIGURE my upload node I get the error :

"The dialog cannot be opened for the following reason: No column in spec compatible to "URIDataValue"."

What am I doing wrong ?
Could one be so kind and send a small knime example workflow that shows how to correctly use the "Upload" node ?

One final question :

Since I can not configure the upload node- How do I specify to what drive/folder on the FTP server the files should be copied ? (The ftp server is a Windows server)

Every help or feedback is highly appreciated.














what you are missing is the String to URI node. It converts a local path or a URL to a valid URI. The target folder will be specified in the Upload node's dialog.

I added a small example workflow.



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While using SSH connection for file transfer, I am unable to configure UPLOAD node as it is showing me error "no such file". Also in the above example of upload, i am not able to open it in knime.


Can you please help me on this?