Example Slack Node usage

This workflow interacts with the knimeslacknodes workspace using the bot and user tokens configured by @swebb The bot token is: xoxb-1056175597284-1050207073526-eU6gUb8scQ0NSPxp9XwimW3X The user token is: xoxp-1056175597284-1056175597428-1050207068598-ca146920f53c9c2f41d358f7144f5953 Setup instructions for your own workspace: 1. Navigate to https://api.slack.com/apps 2. Select Create New App 3. Select OAuth and Permissions 4. Under the bot sectioon add: channels:history, channels:read, chat:write, chat:write:public, groups:read, im:read, im:write, mpim:read, users:read Replace my OAuth tokens with your own.

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