Example workflow 01_Static_geolocation_of_IP_addresses won't execute


I’m new to Knime and going through a few example workflows. I’m stuck on 01_Static_geolocation_of_IP_addresses:

The node “Ref IPs from DB” has a grayed out “Execute” menu item. If I double-click, a sub-workflow is displayed, which is expected to “Get reference IP addresses from sqlite database”; but where’s this sqlite database? The first node “Java Edit Variable (simple)” can’t be executed because of the following error message:

“No such variable “knime.node(drip) ipdb.sqlite” of type STRING”

I would appreciate if someone could help me solve my problem, so that I can execute the whole workflow.



Hi Chris,

Thank you for reporting about the problem, it is now fixed.


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Thank you for your help Anna, it works like a charm!

I now have a similar problem on 02_Dynamic_geolocation_of_IP_addresses. I tried duplicating your solution by replacing the “Java Edit Variable (simple)” and “Database Table Connector” nodes with “SQLite Connector” and “Database Table Selector”, with the exact same settings as yours.

Although the first node executes fine, the “Database Table Selector” displays the following error message:

“Error while validating SQL query ‘SELECT * FROM city_blocks a INNER JOIN city_location b ON a.loc_id = b.loc_id’ : [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such table: city_blocks)”

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Cheers!


Hi Cris,

Thank you again for reporting another problem. The problem with your solution was that the database file was missing in the workflow directory. It’s also fixed now.



Thank you Anna for your incredibly quick response! I feel that once I become more proficient, I’m really going to like KNIME and its community :smile:


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