Example Workflows


The installation of KNIME comes with a Workflow Group 'Example Workflows' in the Local Workspace containing subgroups like Basic Examples, Customer Intelligence, Retail and other useful topics.

Perhaps it is an idea to place this group of examples in the Example Server as well, so we can have access to the most recent versions of it.




Hi Kees!

thank you for the idea! We will do this!

Cheers, Iris 

PS: (To have it documented here as well)

You can always get the most recent version here as well 


That link doesn't work for me - it has a couple of rogue characters at the end.

Try this: https://github.com/knime/knime-core/tree/master/org.knime.product.desktop/rootfiles


They are now also part of the example server.

Cheers, Iris

Thanks Iris.