Excel Cell Updater - Doesn't recalculate formula which has a function

I am using Excel Cell updater which updates data in the sheet “EM_Export”. There is another sheet “CashFlows” where I have a formula in a cell “='As of” & Year(EM_Export!I2)". This formula doesn’t recalculate and shows #value. However if I change the formula to “=‘As of’&EM_Export!K2” while I have written the year value in EM_Export!K2, it works. Though I worked around it for now, this is a serious limitation forcing me to trim down user experience. I know there is a node by a user, but our security policy doesn’t allow user developed nodes. Anyone faced this issue and found any alternate?

Hey srbasha,

thanks for reporting this issue! I could reproduce the issue and I think this is a bug in the underlying Apache POI library since as soon as you use a Formula which uses a Date / DateTime as an argument like Year, Month etc. the library fails along the way since it is unable to parse the date. We will do some investigation and try to fix it somehow but I think all we can do is to report a bug. I will update you as soon as I found out more!


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