Excel: conversion of columns to rows

Hello together,

I have a question regarding the conversion of some columns from a Excel-file. (see attached an example-file).

My initial table is described at the tab ‘Initial’ and my prefered solution is available at the tab ‘Solution’.

In a nutshell: I have columns with quarterly costs and I want this quarters to be displayed within rows.

Does somebody know how to do this with KNIME?

Thank you in advance.

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Example.xlsx (12.8 KB)

Hi Andreas,
use unpivoting node, then split your column which contains the previous colomnheaders. Finaly use the pivoting node.



Hi Hermann,

thank you for your quick feedback.
I’ve tried your approach but I have some problems with the implementation.
I think the main problem is with the last step regarding the pivoting node.
I don’t get all data summarized into the two columns V01 and V21, just separated like in my input-table.

I’ve put my workflow to the attachment, may I ask you for a short check?

Best regards,

AndreasTest.knwf (13.5 KB)

Hi @Schmali93

You are almost there! I made only some small changes to make it work,
See: Test_2.knwf (32.8 KB)
gr. Hans


Hi Hans,

thank you very much for your support. Now I did it!

Thank you all for your support, you’ve made my day.

Best regards,



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