Excel & CSV Nodes - Node Cannot Be Created


I after updating to 4.3 i cannot load any excel or csv related nodes. I receive the following error message:

Can you help me fix this?

Hi @djarrett

I am sorry to hear you are having problems. It would be great if you could upload the log file for us, than we can check the full error message.

Did you try already some of the following

  • Restart KNIME
  • Install additional extensions (Just install any additional, the update process will try to repair your installation)
  • start KNIME With the -clean argument

Best, Iris


Hello @Iris

I followed your suggestions, and i still get the same result.

Attached is the error log Knime Error Log - Dec 27 2020.log (750.2 KB)

Hi @djarrett

in this case, I would recommend a fresh installation. We will definitely look into your log files in parallel, but with a fresh installation you will have the fastest path to being able to KNIME again. Sorry for the trouble!
I will forward the log file to our development.

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