Excel Date format

Is it possible do not use by default format with T for time portion on Excel Reader?
Also, it is possible to load date as text could it be possible to be able to read Integer as Text?

Hi @izaychik63 -

I’m not sure I understand your questions. Maybe you can clarify?

  1. If KNIME interprets an incoming DateTime from Excel, it’s going to display the time with the T separator. I don’t think there is a way around this, even if you change the available renderer to string.

  2. Similar issue here - if KNIME detects a number in the Excel Reader node, the other available renderers are also numeric and not string.

Of course you can deal with this downstream by using the Extract Date&Time Fields or Number to String nodes, but I think you already know about this and instead wish to handle the conversion within the Excel Reader node itself, right?

Did I interpret your question correctly? Sorry to not have a more satisfying answer.

I believe that extra steps are not good solution. File reader has a better functionality. The date format is a real pain. Look at number of questions about it. Could it be improved?

Understood. I can relay your feedback to the dev team about this issue.

Thank you, Scott.