Excel File Reader

I am trying to work out how I can read the contents of an Excel spreadsheet table rather than converitng them to CSV file format and using the CSV file reader.  I've seen an Excel file reader being mentioned in some Forum topics.  Can someone please tell were I can find it and how I incorpprate into Knime.

I would be most greatful for any help you can give me on this matter.

Many Thank

Peter I

Hi Peter I,

The Excel Reader node is part of the standard KNIME update site. Goto File >> Update KNIME... >> Available Software and select the appropriated package under KNIME Extensions Update Site >> KNIME & Extensions >> KNIME XLS Writer Feature. Yes, the writer package also contains the reader, we will fix this in the next release.

Best, Thomas

Many thanks for this Thomas

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Peter I

Hi Mr Gabriel

I am using excel to query the data for sale_fact table I went through the steps according to actian express tutorial pdf page 63  but now I cant find the Database and table page . I'm using Windows 8. some help



Buenas Tardes

Estoy buscando un tutorial para manejar los nodos en excel, donde los puedo encontrar y si es posible en español, gracias.


good afternoon 

I'm looking for a tutorial to handle nodes in excel where I can find and if possible in Spanish, thanks.