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I have a slight problem and I would very much appreciate it if someone can help me solve it.

In Excel filters, items are displayed in each column and definitions can be set each time by checking and unchecking checkboxes. Can I display and manipulate tables in KNIME in the same way?

Thank you for your help !

Yes, but you will have to create a dashboard in the interactive view of a component to do it.

Within Component: Essentially you would use the duplicate row filter to get the unique values, the multi-select widget to create a check list for filter visibility / controls and a reference row filter to apply it to the incoming data. Then display the results via a Table View or Interactive Table View. You can either use a refresh button widget to update or set the multi-select widget to auto trigger a refresh on changes.

Then you can view the component’s Interactive View in the main workflow to access the dashboard.

Or you can use the Excel Write To Temple node to write to an excel file that has the filters in place. If you place it in the workflow’s relative data folder, then you can use my component to manually launch it in excel whenever you need to access it.


Thank you very much! I will try my best.

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Upload a workflow if you get hung up.

Hey @hajime

I just noticed that this was your first post. This one could be a bit tricky if you are just getting started, so I threw one together for you. You can right click on the Filter Table component and click on Interactive View to see how it works. Opening the standard configuration window allows you to pick which column you want to get your filtering checklist from.

Table Filtering.knwf (618.7 KB)

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Thank you for the new workflow! This one seems easier to use. As you can see, I am a beginner, so this was very helpful.

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