Excel Help

Hi Everybody, 


it is the first time I#m using Knime with Excel. 

Ths task is really simple. I just have to extact the value in a specific field of an excel sheet. Which node do I have to take?


thank you :)



Hi Vanessa,

you need the XLS Reader and you configure it to read a single cell only in the configuration dialog.

Best, Iris



thank you for your help - I got it. do you knw a possibility to select a file with all excel data and the workflow is working trough every single excel?


Because I don't want to configure the XLS ready all the time, when a new document appears or the document changes.

Thank you very much for your help.


Best, Vanessa

I tried the "List Files" Node. Then I put the XLS reader, but here I can select just one file, but I want the workflow to read all files automatically without select every single document.


Any help?

thank you! :-)



Hi Vanessa,

please see this example https://www.knime.org/nodeguide/control-structures/loops/example-for-reading-a-list-of-files

It shows how you can use the list files node together with looping to read multiple files. The trick is to use the flow variable in the reader node, so in each loop iteration a different file gets executed.

Let me know if this helped!