Excel node does not work in version 4.3

Hi guys, in the last KNIME version i’ve been trying to read sheets of excel book, but always shows and error, i’m back with 4.2.2 version and there is not problem, someone knows how i can solve the problem with de version 4.3.0.


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@jerodriguez welcome to the KNIME forum.

Maybe you could take a look at this example workflow that uses the new path variables.

You might also want to take a look at the External Ressources at the end of the page.


Hello @jerodriguez, I was facing the same problem, my problem was in wrong data type guessing for excel columns by KNIME Node.

I got one trick, the oder node used to made a preview analising all excel lines therefore KNIME guessing columns types look at whole excel data. The new one made preview for just 50 lines it impact KNIME column type guessing, so my advice is unnable the limit data rows scanned whenever you got a error, it 'll solve your problem.

Other tip: MInd about transformation sheet in KNIME node configuration, maybe some parses can not be done in your excel data, depends on the type you choose.



Hello @rafaelfre thanks a lot, it works perfectly.


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