Excel pivot table with data generated by knime crashing on refresh

I generate some data in an Excel using KNIME, and then use this data in a Pivot Table, in another excel file.
But after updating the data by KNIME (manually the problem does not occur), when “refresh all” in excel to update the data in this another table, excel closes, without any error message. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Note: The table generated by knime is not corrupted.

Hi @mancebo_m,

I don’t know what the problem is but I have a few questions that may or may not assist with tracking it down…

  1. Does a pivot table created in the SAME excel file also crash in the same way.

  2. If you copy and paste the data from the generated excel file into a new excel file and then use that as the source of the pivot does it crash?

  3. If, in Excel , you save the generated excel file as a different file type (eg xls instead of xlsx) and then close and open that file, and then save it back as an xlsx does it still cause the problem when used in a pivot?

  4. Is there any possibility of sharing a sample excel that causes this issue? If the data is sensitive, are you able to share something that still has the problem but with sensitive data replaced /removed?

  5. Are you able to share a small workflow that shows what your excel writer now settings are (again with sensitive data removed /replaced)?

  6. Which version of Excel are you using?

  7. Which version of KNIME are you using, and which node are you using to write excel.

  8. I’m assuming Windows here… Are you able to look at the Windows event log and see if there are any errors listed under “applications” at the time of excel disappears.

Answers to the above may lead us nowhere but they are the first steps I’d do in trying to narrow down where else to look. Thanks


I solved my problem by changing the datasource type to xls (even though the Pivot Table is in an xlsx file). For some reason when KNIME saves to xls, Excel can read and refresh without any problem. It doesn’t actually make much sense but it worked kkkkkkkk. Thank you for your help.


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