Excel Reader does not recognize number (double)

I have a problem importing data with the Excel Reader.
If I want to change the type on the “Transformation” sheet from a string to a number (double), the import process aborts.
If I leave all the data as a string, the data is read in, but incorrectly. For example, in the Excel file the number is given as normal, but in KNIME (by formatting it as a string) it is suddenly returned as “3.709162241E7”.
How can I solve this?
A solution that I already save the number in Excel as a number and not as a standard does not change anything. It is not recognized as a number by KNIME.

In advance: Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi @Petra16091977

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I can only guess your string column contains some string, not being a number. It might be extra space following your number, space as the only character in the string, or other hidden character. I would use String Manipulation node first to replace any spaces with “” (nothing) and then try to convert to number. Otherwise, I would check for the presence of any special character.

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Hello @Petra16091977, and welcome to the KNIME community.

The reason can be any: text, Unicode character, sapaces in column… so, you can fix the problem in source.

Alternatively, you would probably have to read it as string; afterwards a ‘String to Number’ node should fix the final column type to numeric, ignoring text characters. Scientific notation is translate into number straight forward.