Excel Reader …has different structure than previously read file(s)

I have 2 Excel’s that i am using the Excel Reader node to read. The Excels have the same columns and template. One of the columns is Amount. The Excel Reader reads the Amount column in the first file as Number(double) and second file as Number(int). On second file, it gives an error “…has different structure than previously read file(s)”. I am looking at using Python to resolve this issue but before i start there, are there any other solution?

Hello @mkeari ,

you could change the settings in one Excel Reader node so that in both reader nodes the amount column will be read as double.

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Hi @lelloba,
I managed to upgrade to 4.6 to do that. Previously i was using 4.1 which did not have that option in the Excel Reader node.

Thanks for the help.



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