Excel reader in loop unexpectedlly pause

Hello Knime member:
I have a file in the folder and designed a loop in which Node “Excel Reader” will get the filepath and then wirite the file to another folder.but the flow stops at the “Excel Reader” and the knime.log shows as below

the flowing is my workflow.

Thanks for advice in advance.

Hi @wooddenbowl -

There may be other issues with the configuration - one can only tell so much from a screenshot - but one thing that definitely needs fixing is your loop structure. If your goal is to write to sheets from an Excel file to individual Excel files, you should be using a Variable Loop End after the Excel Writer, connecting the two with a flow variable connection. Something along the lines of this:

2023-08-09 10_59_31

If you are still struggling, it would be helpful for you to upload your actual workflow (with non-confidential data, if possible) to further assist with troubleshooting.


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