Excel Reader Loop Different Column Order

Hello everyone, Im having trouble trying to consolidate various excel files into one table.
Im doing the loop start and loop end to read the files, but some excel files have the columns shifted.

Is there a way to look for exact column names every time the excel reader goes through a loop? The actual “Select Columns and Rows to Read” doesnt work for this.

Thank you!

@frangamba welcome to the KNIME forum. You could seek out these examples about Excel import and see if they might help you

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Hello @frangamba,

but do you get error or consolidation isn’t right? To my knowledge in such cases (different sheet structure) Loop End node should match by column name and concatenate everything properly (although you might see error in Console: “DataSpec generated by configure does not match spec after execution.”). There is also option in Loop End to Allow changing table specification.

But if that doesn’t work you can use Column Resorter (or Reference Column Resorter) to make sure you have desired column order and Column Filter (or Reference Column Filter) to make sure you only have columns you want prior to consolidation.

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