Excel Reader Merged Cells

Hey, guys.

I have an excel and it has merge cells. When I run the excel reader, knime places the columns to the right of the merge as null. Any help on how I could change for him to repeat the name on the others as he does on the first? Or how can I enter the value of the first ones on the right?

I question the need for reproducing the contents of the merged Excel cells in the KNIME table. As far as I can tell, those cells contain no information that would be useful for further data processing in KNIME. It’s much better practice to use unique and descriptive column headers.

The KNIME table is really intended to be machine-readable, and is not necessarily supposed to be laid out like you would in Excel to make it easy for a human to read.


Well this can be done. Question is if indeed it would be easier to just rename the columns …



That’s exactly what I need, thanks a lot.

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