Excel Reader Mountpoint xx-KNIME-Server does not exist.

When I try to deploy a workflow with an excel reader node, the excel reader not is not finding the File, I tried it with a Custom URL and with reading from mountpoint

Excel Reader (XLS) 0:1 - ERROR: Execute failed: Mountpoint xx-KNIME-Server does not exist.
Excel Reader (XLS) 0:2 - ERROR: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Resource associated with “knime://xx-KNIME-Server/data/filename.xlsx” does not exist

Would appreciate some help!


What version of Knime AP are you using?
Does selecting the file from your local file store work?
Where is the file located on your machine?
Have you attempted to click the browse button in the configuration window and pointed it directly to the file?


  1. I tried it with version 4.1.2
  2. Works
  3. The file is stored on the server, path knime://xx-KNIME-Server/data/filename.xlsx
  4. As the file is stored on the Server, and I have to use KNIME Protocol, I dont think this is possible, is it?


Hi tbtt,

Please try the following:

  1. Open Knime AP, and add a new mount point via the explorer on the left hand side
  2. Connect to your Knime server
  3. Add the excel reader node to a workflow
  4. Configure the reader, and select read from: Mountpoint and choose the Knime server you connected to above
  5. Then click Browse and you should be able to browse to the excel file on the Server

Please note, you will have to have added the excel file from your local machine first to the server you added.

Please let me know if this works for you for connecting to the file.


Just checking in to see if my suggestion worked for you?


Hey @ztrubow,

I don’t fully get what you want me to do. My server is already set up as a mountpoint, so steps 1&2 are already done, do you want me to add the server again?
I did the steps 3-5. which works out perfectly on the local machine, but as soon as I run the deployed version on the server, I get the Mountpoint does not exist error.