Excel reader node not reading excel cells that are custom formatted

I am trying to read an excel file into anime which is the result of export from an accounting software. The entries in the excel file are for example, 1000.00 Dr for Debit and 2000 Cr for Credit. When reading with the Excel reader node, the Dr and Cr are missing and only the numbers 1000.0 and 2000 are being read. I need them as I need to convert the number with Dr to +ve and number with Cr to -ve. Any solution to this?


Hi @knimebsr -

Do you have a small example file that you could upload? That would be useful for testing within a workflow.


FIle.xlsx (9.1 KB)

If you click inside a cell you see that it actually only contains numbers. The Dr, Cr is due to excel formating for the cell
““0,00” Cr”
So KNIME reads the data correct.
Maybe your system can also give you an identification column which you can use to map Debit and Credit.


Thank you. Yes. Knime is reading the numbers correctly.
As you suggested, maybe when the file is exported from the source system to excel, if there is an identification column to show which of them is Dr and which of them is Cr it will solve the problem.

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