Excel Reader Node Not Reading From SharePoint Online KNIME 5.2.1

Hi All!

Recently upgraded to KNIME 5.2.1 from KNIME 4.7.7 on Windows 11. Excel Reader node is not recognizing an active SharePoint connection in 5.2.1, but had no issues in 4.7.7(or prior versions). Is this a bug and is there a workaround at this time? Thank you for your help!

Hi @rh4445,

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I was not able to reproduce the issue on KNIME AP 5.2.3 and was able to connect to SharePoint without any issues. Can you try to reset the Microsoft Authentication node and connect again?


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Hi @k10shetty1,

Thank you for your help. Iā€™m currently using 5.2.1 and reset the Microsoft Authentication node, but still getting same error/screenshot. I will try to upgrade to version 5.2.3 and test again. Thank you!

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