Excel Reader: Preview Reload - Loading interrupted, no preview available

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Could somebody support me in that issue? I don´t find the problem.

Thank you.


Hi @daniela02,

Is the file that you are trying to read, by chance, located on a network share?


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Hi @stelfrich,

it is located on a network share.

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Could you please report the content of the XLS_LOCATION flow variable. Easiest would be the output port view of the Table Row to Variable node for this iteration… I assume it looks like the path that you show in the configuration dialog of the Excel Reader, L:\..., but want to be sure.

In the latest versions of KNIME (on Windows at least), the dialog value is greyed out and replaced by the variable content (even when some manually entered content was present before) when a flow variable binding is defined. So the path displayed in the screenshot should be the value you’re asking for.

True. I had also not thought about the URL to File Path node in the workflow and derived that there was some sort of automatic conversion involved - which is not the case.