Excel Tab Name Extraction

Hi All - I am trying to write a workflow to read an excel workbook (it is a template type file that a user fills in data to later be used in another workflow), do some manipulations such as renaming and unpivoting, to then generate the “same” workbook (including tab names, previous data, and the new manipulated data). I’m aware of the excel writer, appender, and “Read excel sheet Names”, but there are some limitations I’m not sure if I can work around. The input file won’t be static, so all excel reader nodes operate off of a variable, however, I can’t do that for the read excel sheet names node. Any suggestions on how to get the excel workbook sheet names as a variable to be referenced in creating the final workbook?

See example here


Hi @mvaldes

The suggestion fro @izaychik63 is a good start. You can add the sheet name to your dataset by adding a Constant Value Column node, with the value of the sheetname.

gr. Hans


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