Excel table - Read each line and then feed into Reference Column Filter

My challenge:

  1. I have built a workflow where I do the following:
    a) Read in a data file which contains ~1300 columns of data
    b) Read in an Excel sheet which has a list of those columns I want to use downstream (modeling)
    c) I user the Reference Column Filter to filter the data file to only those columns I want to use

The above works fine but with 1300 variables, I want to be able to create a table where each row details the variables I want for a specific test. I read the first row, use the Reference Column Filter to filter the input table, use this in my modeling. Then loop back and read row 2 (and so forth until the Testing Rows are exhausted)

When I search for ways to do this, web is always pointing at the “Table Row to Variable Loop Start” node which is deprecated.


Thus looking for some thoughts on how to execute this since this is my initial roadblock to even starting this.


I’m not sure I understand the problem. Use the updated version of the Table Row to Variable Loop Start node. It’s a standard KNIME node.



Well don’t I look pretty stupid here as I thought I had searched for this node and was only coming back with the deprecated version. As I look back, I was using a workflow from 2019 which obviously pulled in the older version.

Thanks for the quick replay and if you have any other items you can point me towards on how to use this, I would appreciate as I am pretty much the KNIME-nubie.


Hello @dfaberjob,

have you had any success with your task? If I got it right instead of Table Row to Variable Loop Start node more appropriate seems Chunk Loop Start node with one row per chunk followed by reference filtering. What kind of testing are you performing?


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