Excel Template - Highligh cells based on the values

Dear Knimers,

Please need your help in identifying the node or workflow to highlight the Excel cells like below

Thanks in advance.

Hi Pragadeshgp,

Without knowing your particular use case, you can generally use the Continental extension to format Excel files. Specifically, you can use the XLS Font Formatter node to set font color and the XLS Background Colorizer node to set the background color.

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Hi @sforesti Sam

Thanks for your response.

I want to get the Excell Cell Highlighted like Red if the value is less than 80.

Any node or workflow with below excel function


Thank you

@Pragadeshgp it would seem the node “XLS Conditional Formatter” should be able to do what you want.

Maybe you check out these examples:

Other than that you might have to revert to Python and Openpyxl.


Hi @Pragadeshgp

Formatting can also be conditionally applied using the Continental extension based on tags in a control table. For example, this article shows how you can use a separate tag to apply different header formatting.

I believe you could implement the formatting you need by creating a control table with different tags that correspond to whether values are above a given threshold. You can then apply different formatting using the XLS Font Formatter and XLS Background Colorizer nodes to the different tags.

However, the suggestion by @mlauber71 seems like it should do the trick as well!


Thank You @sforesti and @mlauber71

Will follow your instruction and confirm you if more help is needed

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