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HI Guys

I have 2 files,

File A only has the headers for around 50 columns
File B has 70+ columns,

Columns that I am looking have been standardized between these 2 files, so I run a Concatenate Node with File A (Header only) at the top, and the File B at the 2nd, everything are in Greenlight.

However, when i try to execute my output in the Excel writer node. I encounter an error msg below.
“Execute failed: Unsupported column type ‘?’. Please remove corresponding column(s) from the input table.”

I dont really know what’s the problem, btw, i can directly write File B into an Excel but then I will have to maintain all those Column sorting etc again… Grrrr



As I know the problem maybe is in the columns format. One is for example string and one intiger. When you concatenate them the new format of the concatenated column is “Non native …” and you can see it as “?”.
Try to convert the column(s) in both tables to the same format or use the “Column Auto Type Cast” node.

Hope helps

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HI Andrejz, thanks for your reply.

Yup, I had do more search, and found another post about the Column Expressions to reformat and replace the column.
While i still have problem on one column that I cannot settle on the format issue, I choose to remove that column (/fingercross).

Problem is now solved.

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Try with the “Column Auto Type Cast” node.

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