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Using version 5.2.3 I get a message box when I change the file name in Excel Writer. “Invalid Settings: The sheet name may not contain :, [, ],/,, *, or?.” The sheet name does not contain any of the invalid items.

If you are using KNIME on the Windows operating system, this error is actually a limitation of the operating system file name, which means that the file name cannot contain these special characters.

PS: I am currently only using Win10 and am not familiar with Mac and Linux.The sheet name in Excel also seem to follow this requirement.

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The file name does not contain any special characters, yet the error message is always displayed when changing a file name.

The error message is: sheet name contains the special characters mentioned above. What I mean is that not only do you need to check the file name, but you also need to check the sheet name.

If there are still any issues, please take screenshots to explain in detail.

Neither the file name or sheet name have special characters.

Hi @Christopher41
I can reproduce this “warning” prompt, which will appear when both the “file name” and “sheet name” contain < space >. But this “warning” does not affect the saving of the file, and I am not sure if this “warning” prompt is appropriate.

Temporary handling, do not include spaces in both file names and sheet names, although both support spaces.


PS: My software environment: Win 10 , KNIME 5.2.5


You solved the riddle to an annoying bug. :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for reporting the bug, we noted it down as AP-22836 internal ticket. We’ll update the thread when it gets fixed.